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Reliability Express


Case #1 - a Cosmetics Electronics product:

For a cosmetics electronics consumer product, I performed Tear Down Analysis on multiple product models. While Tear Down Analysis is performed by other companies, I developed the technique to be more comprehensive, including a larger variety of reliability indicators.  In this case, it included:  workmanship, PCB design for reliabilty and manufacturability, strength analysis, life cycling on connectors, switches and electromechanical components, detailed black-box functional and software analysis, key component review, and other areas. 

For this product, I also conducted a HALT test (Highly Accelerated Life Test), subject prototype units to extreme temperatures and rapid cycling and vibration; all problems found were subject to root cause and correction.

For this product, I also uncovered a serious RF emissions problem - using RF sniffing equipment, I found a source of RF signal transmissions exceeding the FCC limits.

Case #2 - Manufacturing Process impact on Rel

A client built equipment used for encryption of sensitive financial data.  I evaluated entire manufacturing process, supplier quality control and manufacturing test processes, to assess the impact on product reliability, and identify areas for improvement.  Additionally, provided training to technical management on product reliability.

Case #3 -  A wireless headset telephone system product:

With responsibility for the over all product quality and reliability, I developed a quality plan covering all aspects of verification and validation of the product:

Reviewed Marketing Requirements Document, MRD, and Engineering Requirements Document, ERD, developed a Quality and Reliability plan Document, QRD. Quality and Reliability document to include: power on, power dissipation, battery charging, user installation & initialization, audio and acoustic performance (including microphone sensitivity, speaker level, bandwidth, distortion, etc). Functionality of controls and user settings, interface with other peripherals such as Bluetooth devices, operability. Power dissipation, circuit performance, electrical circuit stress analysis and derating, user wireless range test, both transmit and receive, compliance: EMC, safety, European requirements.   Work included carrying out quality and reliability tests as listed, with detailed reports and problem tracking and correction.  Traveled to overseas CM, to reinforce quality and reliability controls, and provide training in inspection and reliability methods.

Case #4 - Analysis and review of Mobile Phone Camera Lens

When I was working at a CM who manufactured camera modules for use in mobile phones, I reviewed the reliability test plan for a change to the materials content of the lens element used in the mobile phone camera module.   This change was to impact the camera lenses used in very large daily quantities, and my role was to help assure that the changes were being evaluated properly and carefully (they were).

Case #5 - Computer PCB Assembly  - HALT Test

In performing HALT on a high volume computer control PCB Assembly, I perform HALT testing, and discovered a failure mode previously undiscovered, and one that would have resulted in virtually a total recall of the computer.  There was a subtle defect in the design of the PC Board, that I detected during HALT testing. Extensive troubleshooting narrowed the failing component to be the PCB fab.  Unfortunately, we had to inform the customer about the seriousness of the problem, and to help them come up with a recovery plan.

Other projects include:

HALT and HASS Testing for Capital Equipment, Reliability Predictions (MTBF), Electronic Stress Analysis Derating, Design and Process FMEA, FMECA, Outsourced Manufacturing Support, Training, Development of Reliability Documents and Procedures.

  • Solar PV, Wind Power Electronics
  • Network Equipment
  • Medical Electronics
  • Audio and Consumer Products
  • Toy Safety
  • Telecom Products
  • Wireless and Microwave Equipment
  • Artillery